Hibachi Grill

& Supreme Buffet

Hibachi Grill Buffet is the largest restaurant in Lawrenceville and the surrounding areas. We have a wide selection of favorite foods including Chinese, Japanese, American, Italian, and Mexican items on our supreme buffet. There is something for everyone!

Our main style feature is the Hibachi Style Grill. Customers can select their own meats and vegetables and have it cooked by a professional Hibachi chef while watching their meal is prepared right in front of them. Hibachi Grill provides a healthy alternative to the other restaurant varieties in town. They have fresh ingredients, delicious sauces and quick service.

Every day they offer over 250 items on their buffet bar to include all of your traditional Chinese dishes and a few specialty items such as Hibachi Chicken, Beef Tenderloin & Italian Shrimp. Available on our dinner buffet is prime choice ribeye steak. For those individuals that are vegetarian there is a large salad buffet with fresh vegetables, many toppings and a wide variety of dressings including a special ranch dressing that is made fresh daily. If you’re a sushi fan, Hibachi Grill offers daily a sushi bar with a great selection of freshly prepared sushi.

We are a family oriented restaurant, offering many kid friendly food items, such as pizza, mashed potatoes, and homemade yeast rolls. Let’s not forget the spectacular dessert buffet with a wide variety of fresh fruit, pastries and cookies. In addition to the dessert bar, is a large ice cream buffet with 8 different flavors to choose from. Like our menu, the customers that come to Hibachi Grill are diverse. During the day we have business professionals looking for a quick lunch, in the evening there are lots of families and on the weekend they have many couples visiting our restaurant. Having a wedding rehearsal, party or a business lunch? Just ask about our large private room for special occasions. No matter what your taste, Hibachi Grill is sure to satisfy. After all, satisfied customers are what have made our restaurant so popular.